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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News Early Edition  CBS  February 7, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> another fire near san francisco's castro district leaves six people without a home. could it be connected to a string of other suspicious fires. >> questions raised about the death of a runner at a bay area half marathon. how long before paramedics arrived. sizzling weekend temperatures beginning to cool off. the trend through the week. >> if you are headed out the door lookout for road work. what areas to avoid in minutes. good morning it is monday, the 7th day of february. i am sydnie kohara. your time is 4:30. breaking news in san francisco this morning. right now arson investigators
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on the scene of another fire near the castro district. let's go to sharon. i understand these flames broke out up the street from a series of suspicious fires we reported on last week. >> reporter: that's right. good morning sydnie. we don't know if there is any relation to the string of fires but let me tell you what is going on here. this fire started a two alarm fire 3:00 a.m. this morning. we are looking at 390 core bet. flames jumped next door to a home on the other side 1370 clayton on the other side of the block. it appears it broke out neighbors say a police patrol driving by noticed the flames and pounded on their door to get some people out. looks like most people are out there still checking to make sure they got everyone out of the two homes effected. we have some reports there were six people who had to evacuate but it appears everybody got
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out safely no injuries at this point we know of. they don't know the cause of the fire exactly, where it started but neighbors tell us, the flames jumped very quickly from one home to the other. that flames were very very hot, that is why it is two alarms. right now fire investigators are still on the scene, trying to mop it up, make sure everybody is accounted for, going room by room especially in that first house to make sure everyone is out. looks like they have cleared out all the flameare making sure they've got all the flames pounded out. that is the latest from here. we will go back up and find out to make sure they have everybody out and make sure everybody is okay. we talked to one of the neighbors he said the police left him and his wife -- let him and his wife know that there was a fire going on he and his 8 months pregnant wife were fine but he was very
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thankful the police pounded on his door. >> sharon chen in san francisco. protestors in egypt say they are not going away until the president does. schools and businesses are reopening in cairo but demonstrations are far from over. >> we will get that report in just a few minutes. >> we could also get word any time a google official is free in egypt. the marketing manager was reported missing a week and a half ago after taking part in protests in cairo. an egyptian business man negotiating for his relief expects him to be freed this afternoon in egypt. back to that report from cairo.
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>> reporter: anti government protestors in the heart of cairo refuse to budge. >> until that president of egypt leaves. >> reporter: two weeks after demonstrations first erupted, they are still demanding immediate resignation of mubarak. hoping to ease their frustration the country's vice president met with opposition leaders sunday and offered major concessions among them granting freedom of the press and releasing detained protestors. still opponents say they won't be satisfied until mubarak leaves for good. >> presents legitimacy and needs to assume political responsibility and step aside and get the country to move on. >> president obama is optimistic egypt will find a peaceful resolution and the country will continue to move forward as a strong american alley. >> i am confident if egypt
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moves in an orderly process we will have a government we can work with as a partner. >> reporter: he also said he isn't sure if mubarak will resign soon but one thing is clear. >> egypt is not going to go back to what it was. egyptian people want freedom, want free and fair elections. >> reporter: as of now, mubarak has no intention of giving up power until his term expires in september. cbs news, washington. >> those three uc berkeley grads accused of ease by imagine in iran have pleaded not guilty both men explained it was an accident when they crossed the border into iran 18 months ago. the third defendant was freed on bail in september. she has not returned to iran. witnesses tell police they saw two men chase a woman and
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corner her in an apartment building on eileen street before 8:00 p.m. last night she was assaulted and thrown into a car. later last night that woman turned up at a local hospital. no details on the suspects. police say the car is a four door, 1999 black chrysler license plate california 6 j f g 056. if you see it call police. a runner san francisco's half marathon collapsed and died near the finish line. the 35-year-old man collapsed near the western edge of golden gate park yesterday. it was an unseasonably warm day that hit 80 degrees. the race announcer called for medical staff. witnesses reported a slow and confused response by officials it took 20 minutes before medics arrived. they were unable to revive the
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man. >> park officials in walnut creek will decide whether to inflate those bounty houses in the park. city staff say they damage lawns take up staff time with permits that are hard to enforce and make parks less enjoyable for others. they have been outlawed in parks in danville, pleasonton and clayton. well, this morning the green bay packers are taking home their fourth super bowl title. the green bay packers have won the super bowl. the lombardi trophy is coming home. >> very good game. winning 21-35 last night aaron rogers throwing for three touchdown passes the pride of chico the team's first title since 1997. >> those are super bowl fans
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not very happy. certainly not in a mood to celebrate because more than a thousand of them were kept behind a gate at the new billion dollar cowboy stadium even though they bought tickets at the last minute the fire marshall deemed some seats in their section unsafe 800 fans were allowed to watch from the hospitality area or other seats in the nose bleed section they turned away 400 others. can you imagine how frustrating that is. they gave them a letter promising three times the face value of their ticket. sports fans, super bowl allowed a chance to party and yell in support of whichever team they wanted to win. for packers fans it was a long nail biting night. their team made them sweat steelers kept getting so close no one could relax. >> making me nervous there. >> you goes are ahead. >> we are still ahead we need
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to hold on for the victory. >> if we were up by more than four i would be having a great time. >> you guys have been winning all game. >> yeah, but chuck is out for the game. >> packers fans were rewarded with their devotion for a super bowl win. everyone else, wait until next year. >> we will have more on the super bowl including how christina aguillera botched the national anthem. a cool down is coming a quick look at weather and traffic. jim bernard and a look at our back to work forecast. good morning. >> good morning sydnie a warm weekend indeed, 24 records set in and around the bay area, pretty much everywhere, setting new records the old records heat wave was back in 1987 when most of the old records were set. down around 10 degrees from yesterday, mid-to low 50s
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throughout the area this time yesterday morn being in the of 0s -- morning in the 60s. we will peek out earlier, mid- to upper 60s. a few low 70s cooling trend will likely continue right on through the week as we see a chance of rain return to the forecast by next weekend. a look at the traffic update with giana. >> good morning jim your back to work monday drive not bad. construction to lookout for. road wash in effect. one way traffic -- work in effect. one way traffic control give yourself extra time they should have everything wrapped by 5:00 a.m. the rest of your drive highway 4, lots of green. problem free. over to 92, westbound 92 connector, both directions south 880, still shut down for cal trans that will be there until 5:00 p.m., expect closures along 880, if you are taking the san mateo bridge, so far so good. you can't access it from 880
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right now. back up stairs to you sydnie. thanks very much. 4:41 a.m. a major move by the company behind you've got mail. the merger that could receive aol. >> new hope in the fight to save several east bay schools from closing the last ditch effort to take them off the chopping block. >> iphone over load verizon puts sales on hold. when preorders are expected to start again ,,,,,,
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county. >> a light at the end of the tunnel for parentstudents in contra costa county. mount diablo school district may postpone tomorrow's vote on closing three schools to consider a new option. according to contra costa times parents received a memo in the mail friday saying the board may look at a new ideas. trustees are looking to save $1.5 million a year.
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the future is uncertain for oakland's jack london aquatic centare nonprofit that manages it says it has to hand management over to the city pause of budget problems. the city slashed its subsidy by 70%. officials are negotiating with the aquatic center administrators to find a way to keep it open. if oakland parks and reck decides not to run the facility on its own, it could close end of the month. >> nasdaq offers assurances after being hit by hackers and aol buying the huffing on the post with more on those and other business stories here is ashley morrison. >> reporter: most asian markets got a boost from corporate earnings report the nikkei gained a half%, hang seng lost a percent. friday, stocks ended higher, dow rose 29 points, nasdaq added 15. >> officials at nasdaq exchange said no customer information
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was compromised as a result of cyber attacks wall street journal reported over the weekend the exchange was the target of hackers over the past year but the start of the system that executes trades was not breached. trading should resume as normal this morning. a high profile merger online, aol has agreed to buy the news website huffing on the post for $315 million the merger will create a media group combined base of 117 million visitors a month here in the u.s. and more than double that internationally, air anna huffington said she will stay on as editor and chief of all huffington and aol content. the auto maker is stepping up production ford says it is aiming to make 13% more cars and trucking during the first quarter of the year and further increases are likely sales were up 9% last month. that is your money watch for more stay with cbs money
4:46 am in new york, ashley morrison. if buy a verizon iphone is on your to do list, put that off a couple days. they have stopped taking preorders until wednesday because they sold so many of them last thursday, a whole days worth in just two hours, that was just for current customers, every body else has to wait until thursday to get a verizon iphone but supplies are likely to be tight. a big day in sex crimes case for the founder of wikileaks, why today's hearing could be a matter of life or death. plus could riding public transit make you sick. the group most at risk of getting an infection on the bus. ♪ [ music ] goes to the dogs, see which
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ad took the trophy for the best commercial of the game a great change is at hand and our task is to make that revolution, that change, peaceful and constructive for all. those who look only to the past or the present, are certain to miss the future. do not pray for easy lives. pray to be stronger men. ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country.
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outskirts of perth, australia that have destroyed more than 40 homes. no firefighters are hoping to contain two wild fires on the outside of perth australia, destroyed more than 40 homes. no deaths reported it is the latest in a series of natural disasters to hit australia. last month's floods and cyclone killed 55 people. >> julian assannening is in a court today to fight extra diction to sweden. he is accused by two women he met on a visit to stockholm last year. ohio's governor will meet with campus officials at youngs town state university to discuss the shooting death of a student.
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two men are in jail accused of opening fire at a crowded fraternity party yesterday killing 25-year-old and wounding 11 others the shooting was the result of a dispute at a party at that off campus house. counsellors will be available to students on campus today. ronald regan would have turned 100 years old yesterday. the head of our state party for regan and his presidential library, 1200 guests were there. nancy regan placed a wreath on her late husband's grave and made rare public comments. >> i know ronnie would be thrilled and is thrilled, to have all of you share in his 100th birthday. regan presidential library will reopen after a $15 million
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renovation. outside this morning, working on a bit of a cool down across the area after a sizzling weekend for the bay. mostly color skies, northerly winds settle down a bit temperatures 10 degrees down from where they were yesterday. we will look for that cooling trend to continue through the day, actually through the week. we will continue to cool down. skies remain mostly clear. lots of sunshine not as warm as yesterday. it couldn't last as we saw record temperatures throughout the bay over the weekend weak disturbance dropping out of the gulf of alaska interrupted the offshore breeze. responsible for our cool down. winds will ramp back up. warm slightly but nothing compared to where we were this weekend the cooling trend will continue through the week as our high pressure systemmer roads and moves east as it does we will look at the chance of
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rain moving back into the area by the weekend and into early next week. for today, still sunny just not as warm as yesterday, and basically that is our trend through the week as we see upper 60s to low 70s for the hot spots here today. good 10 degrees down from yesterday, even on the peninsula we are still warm upper 50s, low 60s as again a few low 70s showing up in the eastern locations here, while across the north bay, we will look for low 70s instead of 80s. for today, as we look at the seven-day forecast here we see this trend continue through the week as we gradually cool day by day, back into -- well, we will still be above normal but cooler than we were this weekend and as we push off into next weekend we see the chance of rain showers returning to the area, as our mild weather pattern heads out east of the rockies where i am sure they will appropriate it. giana. >> thank you very much. we will head to hayward i have
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good news to report cal trans wrapping up an overnight closure most closures were in effect for the weekend. everything cleared 880 free flowing both directions no delays. san mateo bridge, closures here as well. both connectors, 880 to 92, to southbound were shut down they just wrapped this up in the last few minutes things should move along well through that portion a live look at the san mateo bridge, 14 minutes between 880 and 21. a live look at that in just a second bay bridge not bad at all off to a nice start, metering lights looking good off the made no troubles off the east shore freeway. golden gate taking in problem free, accident free throughout marin county. no delays across the span. antioch where we are dealing with one way traffic control, antioch bridge that in effect at least next 10 minutes as you come off you can see lots of green on sensors no delays
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through that area. live look at 101, south bay, see traffic cruising along a nice drive for this monday morning. when you are cruising along listen to our radio partners kcbs. scammers using the phone to target the elderly in san mateo. each time the suspects called the victimgot them to wire money abreed. in one case the suspect claimed to be the victim's grandson said he was recently arrested for drunken driving another time the suspect told the victim she won the lottery and needed money wired to pay taxes before collecting a prize. alsace be suspicious of calls asking for money to be wired abroad. a new study finds people recently taken public transit are at higher risk for acute respiratory infections. 140 patients with various
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conditions those with respiratory infections were six times more likely to have used public transportation in the five days before their illness set in. the risk is greatest for people who use buses or trains occasionalliment more frequent riders may develop protective anti bodies. >> feeding babies solid foods at an early age could raise risk of obesity. the study applies to those never breast fed or breast fed early. babies who ate solid food before the age of 4 months are more likely to be obese at age of 3. some had a 6 times higher risk of graining weight. christina aguillera is defending herself for botching the national anthem ♪ the site was so proudly we watched as
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the twilight was gleaming and the rockets -- >> i guess she forgot the ramparts she botched the fourth line of star spangled banner. she replaced it with an earlier line of the anthem and that mistake set social networks abuzz. she said she just got lost in the moment she released this statement, i can only hope everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through. well, it was an exciting game yesterday, and another year of great super bowl ads for the first time there was a tie for the top super bowl commercial in usa today's annual ad meter. >> hey, don't hurt my dog. >> one winner, this dory toe's featuring the cute pug chases down a bag of chips. they made it in less than 2
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weeks, costing them $500 the ad agencies are so jealous. the other winner was a bud light commercial a dog sitter who gets the canines to cater his party we will show you that later in the show. pretty good ads. >> next favorite super bowl ad on the list, volkswagen featuring a minidarth vader. it was a viral hit before it aired. >> one for doritos and one for pepsi max and the pepsi commercial features a woman who uses the soda to keep her boyfriend in line. we have a developing story another fire breaking out several blocks from several suspicious fires in the castro district. >> reporter: who neighbors are thanking forgetting them out of this mornings fire coming up. a runner dead after a half marathon at golden gate park
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why witnesses are pointing fingers at paramedics. new signs of progress in egypt, the government gives in to several demands, but is it enough the satisfy protestors.
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